Interested in using a VA benefit to finance your home? Here is a step by step guide on how the VA loan process works.

The application process for a VA financing is not much different from any other type of mortgage loan. Upfront paperwork is needed to prove eligibility and entitlement for the use of a VA appraiser and qualification of the VA loan products. 


1. Determine eligibility and entitlement. Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility and proof of service. 

2. Apply for the VA home loan. Buyers should work with a lender who is familiar with the VA financing products and procedures. Becoming prequalified can help you present a strong offer on a home. 

3. Find the right home, make and offer, sign a sales contract. The home must be a primary residence, single-family, condo, or maximum four-unit multifamily (owner must occupy one unit). Manufactured homes qualify. No vacation homes, businesses or farms.

4. Arrange home inspections. The property must be safe, structurally sound, and have functioning mechanical systems. The buyer should accompany the inspector during the inspection process. 

5. Request a property appraisal. The VA Regional Office will assign an appraiser to determine the value of the property.

6. Obtain homeowners’s insurance. In order to be able to close on the home, homeowner’s insurance is required. The insurance company can send you the proof of insurance and will also send it to your lender. 

7. Close on the home. The title company will send out information prior to closing to review the costs of closing on your home based on your loan and purchase contract agreements. If you are required to bring funds to closing the title company will outline that process.